Benefits of Membership

  • Enjoy the camaraderie of other potters and ceramic artists
  • Fire in electric kilns to cone 6-10 in an oxidation or reduction atmosphere
  • Share kiln space with other potters and ceramic artists
  • Benefit from the extended library of glazes and be able to try out new recipes
  • Mix glazes in a well-stocked glazing facility
  • Participate in local art fairs with other members


Membership Fees

  • Monthly Membership Fee: Glazing & Firing: $65
  • Buy-in Fee: $TBD

To keep membership and firing fees low, members are expected to participate in an annual Plant and Seconds Sale each spring.  In addition, The Potters’ Guild participates in local art fairs, and participating members pay the guild a 10% commission on sales at these events.

The membership fee is paid monthly and firing fees are invoiced quarterly

Application Process

Please submit a Letter of Interest that describes your background and experience in pottery/ceramics and your goals for joining the Guild. Please also submit 5-10 photographs of your work and, if possible, drop off a few pieces for viewing by current members.

The current members of the guild will review the application and make a decision about extending a trial membership.

New members will have a 6-months trial period in which they can use the guild space, learn how to fire the kilns and get to know the members. After 6 months, the permanent members will vote to extend to the new member an invitation to be a permanent member, or extend the trial membership for an additional period.

Please submit your application to Narra Smith Cox