Sherry Bergeron

I was introduced to clay as a student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. When I couldn’t get into a painting class, I decided to take ceramics as a lark. Once involved, I was hooked. Learning about the properties of different clay bodies; testing the limits of hand building; experimenting with slips and glazes; I couldn’t get enough. Over the years since I’ve graduated, I have continued to paint, but at every opportunity, I’ve had my hands back in “mud”.

My work has become more whimsical over the years. I’ve always loved hand building and sculpting clay, but with my current work I’ve been able to combine throwing the base on the potter’s wheel and then building by hand. Surface decoration is another big interest, and I like to experiment , sometimes using under-glazes, and other times using the Potter’s Guild glazes and high firing technique.

My goal is to make art that is a joy to look at, as well as something the buyers can use. My animal pitchers can also be used as vases, as well as decorative sculpture.

Please visit my Etsy Shop to view my current work!

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