Natasha Vavrus

I first encountered clay in the third grade. We were required to make a coil pot and slab build a little box; I still have the projects on a shelf at home. The next time we met was in middle school when the high school ceramics teacher came to visit my art class with a pottery wheel; I still have my efforts from that day as well. I went on to take every ceramics class I could in high school and it was always my favorite time of day.

When I started college at UW – Eau Claire, I majored in Biology. After two years there, I started taking art classes again and added a second major in Studio Art with a Ceramics emphasis. It wasn’t until my final semester when I realized that pottery is what I wanted to do with my life.
I am currently working as an analytical chemist, but I spend every spare minute in my basement pottery studio. My work is functional and sturdy, ready to handle everyday use. I want my pieces to be used and loved, not put on a shelf to collect dust.
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