Beth Rasmussen

I threw my first pot in the Fall of 1955 – over 50 years ago – while a student at the UW Madison. Professor Harvey Littleton was my teacher. He said to our class ” I am not teaching you a craft. I am giving you an incurable disease. Once you have felt clay move under your hands you will never be the same.” How true that was. I was hooked on clay

I love the process of throwing pots – the feel of the clay moving and changing at my whim. I think a very simple pot can be a lovely work of art. I enjoy combining throwing and hand building and I am still learning. I enjoy the challenge of firing a gas kiln. It is so different each time; one can never get too comfortable. I enjoy developing glazes. I love the smell of my studio.

I have been a member of the Madison Potter’s Guild since 1970. I have served time as President and in many other capacities. I have seen many potters come and go, each leaving a bit of themselves behind in their ideas and techniques. It is a great place to learn.

At present my work is in Door County, WI at the Domicile in Sister Bay, Village Artworks in LaValle, WI and in Madison, Wisconsin at Higher Fire on Regent St. I also sell from my home and each year I have an open House with 700 to 800 pieces that I’ve made over the year.

I hope I can continue indefinitely.

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  1. Norma Arneson August 24, 2012 at 9:33 pm # Reply

    I have some of your beautiful pieces of pottery. They were all given to me by my friend from Madison, Dr. Kathe Budzak. I am wondering how I might be able to purchase a piece we saw at the PEO auction last year that she desperately wanted and didn’t win. Itvwas a chip bowl that had a “worm” of sorts on the edge. She loved it! Do you have any similar pcs. like that? It’s a gift that I know she would be thrilled to have!!

    • Terri Drengson August 15, 2014 at 8:49 pm # Reply

      My husband and I have at least a dozen pieces of Beth Rasmussen’s pottery. We are looking to downsize. Jim and I love her work and hate to part with them. We live in Madison, WI. Please email if you have interest and we will sent pictures.
      Thank you,
      Terri and Jim

  2. Ann LeGris November 15, 2013 at 4:45 pm # Reply

    Hello Beth! How wonderful to see you are making pots. You were an inspiration to me when I was a member on the 70’s. I was Ann Jeremiah then and a friend of Chris LePage. I am still a potter thanks to my start at the Madison potter’s Guild and warm encouraging members like you, Ruth S, Mr Friday and many others. Thanks.

  3. Helen Baldwin September 12, 2016 at 2:56 pm # Reply

    Hello Beth, I saw your wonderfully pottery at Higher Fire. Would you be interested in displaying and selling some at a private sale December 2, 1916? 20% of the gross would go to the Madison Breakfast Rotary Club for its youth and literacy projects. The sale is in a large private home on the far west side of Middleton. Usually 5 to 7 vendors. From 1PM to 7PM.

    Our sale committee meets this Thursday so if you are interested, let me know via e-mail. We can follow up with more info and if you decide to drop it, nothing lost.

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